Über Mich / About Me

Sick of run-of-the-mill surf apparel thrown out by corporates that care less and less about awesome design?

I was.


So I started an independent label that delivers killer designs on quality apparel.


Its inspiration is driven by the Munich river surfers, who redefined the limits of surfing more than 40 years ago. In a landlocked city better known for beer festivals and Alpine flair, a splinter cell of pioneers have kept one of the world's best know river surfing destinations going, even in the face of German obsession with safety legislaation.

This incredible surf community has shown me how passion and commitment to doing what you love can help achieve amazing things!

From the dusty drawers to the wide world:

For years, I have kept my artwork in drawers gathering dust. Then, in late 2016 the penny dropped. Frustrated by the general quality of big label tees and designwork, I spent many lunch breaks at the Eisbach river. Here I found inspiration! Encouraged by my wife and those around me who have repeatedly told me to do something with my art, I have managed to start a small independent label online shop as a side business.

The learning process:

During the process of building a side business, I am getting closer to this remarkable sport of river-surfing and learn more about the fascinating culture and people involved. As i move forward, I am not only discovering a myriad of fantastic and interesting new people, but also learning about this business.

As I move forward, I will continue to experiment to get you the most awesome designs possible.

Looking forward:

My goal is that - by sharing my creativity - I can give back a little by contributing to a sense of identity that river surfers are increasingly building around the world. Failing that, I hope that this site will be an inspiration to all, to stop making excuses and start doing what you love.

Get inspired, grab a tee or a cap on your way out!

Take a look around, buy a cap or a tee and share and comment on your experience! I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy coming up with new stuff!

If you have any feedback good or bad, be sure to let me know!


…last but not least, a big thank-you to all those who have repeatedly challenged me to finally do something with my passion – you know who you are. Drop me a line if you stop by – I’d love to hear from you.